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Insurance Billing

I am in Network with Aetna/EBMS only.

Insurance billing offered as a courtesy. For a session to be billable it must be considered medically necessary and a doctor's order or prescription is required.

Please follow these steps prior to scheduling:

1. Obtain a Prescription

For a session to be billable there must be a medical issue requiring treatment and a doctor's prescription or referral ordering it. The prescription should include diagnosis, duration and frequency. Please click here for a Referral Form you can download, print and take to your provider to fill out.

Your provider may then fax it to me: 


or you can email it to my HIPAA compliant email:


2. Verify Benefits

Once you have a doctor's prescription, please call me at 907-795-6545 to schedule your first session. 


Before scheduling I recommend you contact your insurance to verify your massage benefits. Questions to ask your insurance carrier:

  1. How much of your deductible is remaining?

  2. How much Out of Pocket Max is remaining?

  3. What is your Co-Insurance/Copay for massage therapy?

  4. Does the massage need to be provided in a doctor's, Chiropractor or PT's office or under their supervision? If so it may not be covered with me, I am an independent license massaged therapist.

  5. How many visits doo you have? How many are remaining? Are they shared with another service such as PT, acupuncture, chiropractic?

  6. Is a referral and/or pre-authorization required?

3. Payment & Booking

Billable sessions are often capped at 60 minutes. Billable sessions are billed at $225 per hour. Copays and Co-Insurance are due at time of service.

Financial Responsibility: I will do my best to verify massage benefits prior to your session, however verification is not a guarantee of coverage. It is your responsibility to know and understand your coverage.  In the event that the insurance company denies payment or makes partial payment, you are responsible for the remaining balance, deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays. Your signature on the consent confirms your financial responsibility for all services regardless of insurance reimbursement.

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